Sunday, July 4, 2010

the world slips from the tips of desperate fingers.

What happened to the carefree days? With school and friends and life so simple? With the birth of every new sun it seems something else is taken from me. Friends, loved ones, family, innocence grated away like the limestone cliff faces ravished by sea and time. As life spins and twirls around me like a smoke haze. I sit in the middle of it not exactly knowing or caring to pay attention to the things that may someday not be there. Its funny how that works. Looking forward to tomorrow and regretting yesterday too much to realise the here and now. The sad truth is that one day we will all die, to an extent we can control where and how but that day is still coming, that freight train is steaming towards us with no sense of slowing. So why then are we all so rushed to get to that place or away from this one? When the ever changing ever shifting concept of time known as the “present” is all we have and like grains of sand slipping through our fingers one grain at a time, it too will soon be no more.


  1. Pretty much sums up life. Everything was simple as a child until you grow up. There is an end to everything.

  2. I slowed my train coming>.> as i now am the happiest in my life. My freight train, will back up, just slightly, just so i can pass a handful of sand, see, Each grain is a day longer with my love. A day i wish is every second be an hour. The Mayfly, lives Minutes/Hours, Yet it grasped all it needed, in its life, I grasp at my Jay >.> Say no more <3 <3