Monday, September 27, 2010

feeling the blues.

decided to try a new method of recording, came out rather well despite the shitty video quality.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Every tick of the clock echoes around me, filling my head. Tick..tick..tick.. pounding into me as if to remind me time is inescapable. Its day 3 now, I’m starting to see things. Ghastly hands stretch out in the corner of my vision to pull me under, to take me with them. Should i go with them? Anything must be better than here, at this moment. My head screaming for the loss of consciousness, my body aching for rest. Sitting alone by a dim street lamp waiting for a bus i know will never come, watching cars drive past me in the night, they are right in front of me, but seem surreal as if they were in a movie. For a moment, at least, i wonder if i am dreaming this. If i am, how much of this has been a dream? All of it? When did it start? Did my body finally give out? Tick..tick..tick.. i do not dare close my eyes, for falling asleep in this place would surely kill me. The sun’s not long been down, so the night creatures will be out soon. Primal, animalistic, they prey on the weak, offering gifts of poison in return for livelihood. There victims can be seen, oh, you won’t realize it, but they are right in front of you. Lying in the streets, stealing your cars, looking after your children. There urges are no longer their own, driven instead by the constant nagging need to feed, to have their poison. Tick..tick..tick.. I am living in a state of limbo, i can’t remember what just happened and i feel as though the universe has stopped. I stagger up, off my damp seat, and set off in the direction that looks most familiar, i let my feet do the walking, as i can’t remember the way home. Even if i do remember the hour of walking by the time i get home, it will be faster than the bus. I Step onto the road unsurely, each step an effort. Suddenly i become vaguely aware of lights, my reactions are slow and sluggish as i turn my head to see. By this time it is too late, my bus did come, after all. As it hurtles through me i feel a disconnect, and then nothing. I welcome it. Sleep. Sleep at last. My consciousness seeps from this world as so too does a pool of my own blood seep from my body. I am faintly aware of a noise.. Tick..tick..tick..